Government of India

Department of Atomic Energy

            Directorate of Construction, Services & Estate Management

Engineering Services Division


NIT NO: DCSEM/ ESD/34 /2013-2014  dt. 21.08.2013.


        Director, Directorate of Construction, Services & Estate Management, DAE, on behalf of the President of India, invites sealed tenders, from eligible contractors for the following works:-



DCSEM /ESD/34/2013-14,  dt.21.08.2013


Name of work

Operation and maintenance including Cosmetic maintenance of Filtration Plant, Swimming Pool and PTAA Complex, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai.


Estimated cost put to tender

Rs.57.00 Lakhs


Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

EMD of Rs.1,14,000/- to be submitted in the form of Fixed Deposit Receipt issued by a Scheduled bank in favour of Pay & Accounts Officer, DCSEM, Payable at Mumbai.


However the bidders may submit the EMD as follows:


i)    Rs.57,000/- in the form of Fixed Deposit Receipt as prescribed above.




ii)   Rs.57,000/- in the form of Bank Guarantee (BG) issued by any Scheduled bank, drawn in favour of Pay & Accounts Officer, DCSEM, Mumbai.


Note: 1) Bank Guarantee not strictly in accordance with the

              prescribed format shall not be accepted.

          2) EMD in the form of cheque will not be accepted.


Completion period

18 Months


   Security Deposits as per tender : 10%  (5% PG + 5% SD)


2. ELIGIBILITY / QUALIFICATION : Prospective agencies will be required to fulfill following criteria for participating in the tendering process and to submit the same along with application for tender document. Tender documents will be issued only to those Agencies who have successfully completed works as defined in “similar works”. Contractors shall submit full details of work and also performance certificate by users.

a)          Proof of registration with Government / Semi Government organizations like CPWD, MES, Railways, State PWDs etc. in appropriate class if any or having experience  in execution of similar nature of works.

b)          List of similar works in hand & similar works carried out by them for last 7 years indicating i) Agency for whom executed, ii) Value of work, iii) Completion time as stipulated and actual, or present position of the work.

c)          List of construction plant, machinery, equipments, accessories & infrastructure facilities possessed by the agency to complete the work in time.

d)          List of Technical staff they possess.

e)          Performance certificates; WCT registration certificate; PAN (Permanent Account Number) & TIN (Tax Identification Number) for reference

f)           Average Annual turnover, similar works & bank Solvency shall be as follows:-


Bank Solvency Certificate minimum Rs.

(in Lakhs)



Average annual turnover of last 3 (three) financial years (ending 31.03.2012) not less than Rs.

 (in Lakhs) *

Experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 7 years

ending 31.3.2012

Rs. ( in Lakhs)   

Similar Works means

3 works

2 works

1 work







Operation and Maintenance of Swimming Pool.

g)          Bidding capacity shall be worked out based on works in hand. Bidding capacity shall be equal to or more than cost of work:

Bidding Capacity = A x N x 2 – B

Where A = Maximum value of work executed in any one year during the last five years taking into account completed as well as works in progress

N = Number of years prescribed for completion of this work.

B = Value of existing commitment and ongoing works to be completed during the period of completion of this work.



 i) The value of executed works shall be brought to the current costing level by enhancing the actual value of work at a simple rate of 7% per annum; calculated from the date of completion to the last date of receipt of applications for tender.

ii)* Annual turnover as per ITCC or profit & loss statement for the last 5 years shall be submitted and not having any loss in more than 2 years during last 5 years ending 31.3.2013. 

3. Tender documents can be purchased from  04.09.2013  to  18.09.2013 between 11:00 & 16:00 Hrs on all working days from the Office of Head-ESD, DCSEM, DAE, 3rd Floor, V.S. Bhavan, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai-400094.

4.  Pre-Bid meeting will be held on  23.09.2013 to 24.09.2013 with prior intimation in the  Office of Head, ESD, 3rd floor, V.S.Bhavan, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai-400094. 

5. Submission of TENDER :  The Tender for the work shall be received upto 14.30 hrs. on 09.10.2013 in the Office of the Head-ESD, and only Technical bid / Tender shall be opened at 15.00 Hrs. on the same day.  The documents shall consist of following :

Two Bid

1.TECHNICAL BID shall be submitted in separate sealed envelope

2. FINANCIAL BID shall be submitted in separate sealed envelope

3. EMD shall be submitted in separate sealed envelope


     EMD may be deposited as specified in the tender document in the form of Demand Draft / Pay Order / Banker’s Cheque / Deposit at call receipt / Fixed Deposit Receipt, issued by a Schedule Bank, drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, DCSEM, DAE, payable at Mumbai along with tender documents in separate sealed envelopes.

     The date for opening of financial bid shall be intimated separately.

6. Cost of Tender Documents / REGISTRATION FEE (non refundable) shall be Rs.1000/- in cash / Demand Draft in favour of “Pay & Accounts Officer, DCS&EM”, payable at Mumbai.

7. OBTAINING OF STANDARD DOCUMENTS : In addition to the above, the prospective agencies shall be required to possess following documents with them separately, which shall form part of Tender Documents for this work. These documents can be downloaded from the DCSEM’s website or can be purchased separately on payment of prices indicated. In case the agencies already possess these standard documents with them, the same need not be downloaded / purchased again. Payment for the same can be made in cash or in the form of DD drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, DCSEM, payable at Mumbai.





Conditions  and Clauses of  Contract – 2008

Rs.50/- per book.


8. Prospective agencies to satisfy themselves of fulfilling all the NIT criteria before submission of the tender. Department reserves the right of Non-issue / Non-consideration of Tender documents of the agencies who are not fulfilling the NIT stipulations and / or having adverse report on the works carried out by them in the past.

9. The Department reserves the right to verify the particulars furnished by the applicant independently and accept / reject the tender without assigning any reason thereof. Short listing of the agencies shall be subject to thorough verification of their credentials and inspection of works carried out by them, through a Technical Evaluation Committee of experts, constituted by DCSEM.

10. If any information furnished by the applicant is found to be incorrect at a later stage, they shall be liable to be debarred from tendering / taking up works in DCSEM.



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